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Resonance LLC provides a range of life transitional coaching services.  Following a free, no-risk initial consultation, clients and their coach can choose to schedule individual in-office or remote sessions or to participate in a Resonance Group Program. The Resonance Group Program provides three group sessions per month and two or more individual in office or telephone sessions. 

Resonance Group Process

Ninety-minute group sessions in the Resonance Group Program begin with a brief presentation of a Resonance Process topic followed by group work and discussion.  

Resonance Groups Explore

  • The nature of Life Passions

  • Enhanced awareness of Life Passions through Sensual Fantasy, Mindfulness and Fun Experiments.

  • Personal and Shared Identities as a synthesis of Individual and Shared Life Passions

  • How Self Knowledge Improves the Ability to Love One’s Self and Others

  • Life Episodes and Identity Transformations

  • Authenticity and Self Direction that leads to Resonance

  • How to Activate the Mind’s Power to bring Meaning and Purpose

  • Nurturing Resonance for a lifetime

Gains of the Resonance Process

  • Clarity about life passions, values and beliefs

  • Confidence in individual and shared identities

  • Insights about sustaining or ending relationships

  • Awareness of authentic choice patterns

  • Enhanced Sense of freedom, joy and personal power

  • Increased skill and comfort managing difficult life situations

How to Start

Clients are free to select Group and/or Individual coaching sessions that best meet their needs. There is no charge or obligation for an initial face to face or telephone session.  All aspects of the Resonance program and services are confidential in accordance with North Carolina law.  Resonance LLC services do not provide diagnosis or treatment of mental illness.

Resonance Fee Schedule

Initial phone or face to face session​​


Individual 30-minute office/telephone


Individual 50-minute office/telephone session


Resonance Program

  • Three Group Sessions per month

  • Two Individual Sessions 


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