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The Resonance Process

Life Passions

Personal Identity



The process for Resonance begins by tuning in to the positive emotions and sensations we feel when we enjoy our favorite life experiences.  We use the term Life Passion to identify these experience-related emotions and sensations.


A typical life Passion might be the peace, and joy we feel walking on a beach at dawn, where we tune in to the sounds of the birds and the wind and waves. Life Passions are sensual, visceral and emotional experiences. So, the sensations would include the aroma of the salt air and the colors of the dawn sky, the sparkling iridescent water, and the waving sea oats along the dune line. Taken as a group, our Life Passions define our Personal Identity at a given time in our life.


The next phase of the Resonance process is an examination of Choice Patterns in order to assess how our life choices match up with who we are. All too often choices are based upon what others expect, rather than what we want for ourselves. Authentic Choices that reflect our Personal Identity leads to Resonance while choices based on gaining approval or meeting others’ expectations may undermine Authenticity and Resonance and lead to Stress.

Find out who you are and do it on purpose

-Dolly Parton

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