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Living consciously in resonance with your passions

Resonance is a term, like “stress,” that comes from the physical world. In engineering, stress is a measure of deformation of a material object like the pressure placed on an airplane’s wing in a tight turn. In living things, stress is a measure of the emotional and physical degradation that comes from prolonged exposure to physical and emotional pressure.

For living beings, resonance can be thought of as the opposite of stress. In the physical world, resonance is a measure of energy release which occurs when the frequency at which a force is applied is in tune with the natural frequencies of the material on which it acts. Small forces that match a system’s natural frequency can release tremendous amounts of vibrant energy. Small oscillations of a violin string, for example, produce beautiful sonorous tones on a well-crafted, tuned instrument. Likewise, small adjustments to the operation of a complex machine can produce exponential increases in performance, durability, efficiency, and reliability. In our personal lives, we flourish when we live in tune with our own natural frequencies. Our mission, at Resonance NC, is to release the internal energy we all possess by living in tune with our passions and values.

From Existing to Living

"What we are seeking is…. the rapture of being alive." - Joseph Campbell

Henry David Thoreau famously stated in Walden that “the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation”. Let’s face it, there are periods of life when we just go through the motions; when we are just “phoning it in.” For some, this malaise is brought on by a life transition. We have lost a loved one, or a job, or our health. Perhaps we have moved to a new home far away from the friends and family that provided joy and companionship. Retirement, relocation, graduation, job promotions or losses, new babies or kids leaving for college, accidents…all of these transitions can rob us of identity and joy in life.

Some of us are missing out on vibrant living because of our culture. We were conditioned to conform to what is expected, and to avoid risk or disapproval. As Wallman and Flower (The Wisdom of Passion, 2003 ) suggest, our society can subject us to a bloodless frontal lobotomy by socializing us to be reactive, approval-seeking conformists.

The Resonance program provides a transformative recipe for breaking out of a life of “existing” to experience a life of passion, meaning and purpose. We already have the ingredients we need: they are inside of us. All that is required is learning how to be aware of our passions and to tune in to them to live an authentic life.

Buckle Up for Safety

The first thing we do now when we get behind the wheel of our car is to buckle our seat belt. This is an unconscious act, a learned habit—a discipline we follow to reduce injury in case of an automobile accident. Learned habits are extremely useful because they provide benefits without our having to consciously make decisions in repetitive situations.

Resonance is also a learned habit. But with Resonance we learn to be conscious. We learn the habit of mindfulness so that we can live in harmony with who we are. The iterative process of Resonance is grouped around two anchors: self-discovery and authenticity. Taken together, they provide the keys to real living. Just like buckling up, Resonance becomes a way of life. But while buckling up holds you in, Resonance frees you up to pursue your dreams.

For more information about our Resonance program visit our site at We welcome the opportunity to support your journey.

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